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Initiating A Vendor Relationship With Us

Establishing Vendor Relationships

  • If you’re a vendor looking to form a relationship with our law firm, please provide your proposal in writing.
  • The proposal should be sent to us through ground delivery.
  • We request that you do not make your initial contact with us via phone, email, or fax.

Legal Implications of Unsolicited Communication

  • Unsolicited communication by fax or email is considered a crime under Virginia law.
  • Engaging in such practices may also expose you to civil damages and penalties under both Federal and Virginia law.

This approach ensures a clear, unambiguous initial communication, while adhering to the legal requirements and prohibitions on unsolicited contact. It is part of our firm’s commitment to maintaining ethical standards and a conducive business environment. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these guidelines when seeking to establish a vendor relationship with our law firm.