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Definition of an Endorsement

  • An endorsement is an active statement about the quality of services or products.
  • Merely being a friend, follower, or contact on social media isn’t considered an endorsement.

Endorsements from the Firm

  • We limit our endorsements to other lawyers and our current or former clients.
  • An endorsement is only given if we have first-hand knowledge of your services or products.
    • For clients: We have used or tested your services or products.
    • For peers: We have worked with you in court, on a bar committee, or on a continuing education panel.
  • We only endorse a client upon their request, and we will not post new endorsements while representing you in a disputed matter.

Endorsements About the Firm

  • We only post endorsements that come from those with first-hand knowledge of our services.
    • This may include being represented by the Firm, attending a CLE course presented by a Firm member, or serving with one of our lawyers on a bar committee.
  • A client’s endorsement may lead to public assumptions about the nature of our work for you.

Additional Notes on Endorsements

  • This policy applies to the extent that we can control the posting or removal of an endorsement.
  • We cannot control the propagation of an endorsement by third parties on social media.
  • We do not condition any endorsements upon reciprocation.
  • This policy doesn’t create a right to receive an endorsement.
  • The Firm reserves the right to withdraw any endorsement at any time, without notice.
  • The Firm reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, without notice.