Negligence Or Incompetence

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Negligence Or Incompetence:

Negligence or incompetence charges relate to an attorney’s failure to provide competent and diligent representation to their clients. These charges focus on professional standards and the duty to exercise reasonable care. Some scenarios and charges in this category include:

a) Inadequate Legal Representation:

This charge involves an attorney’s failure to provide competent and diligent representation to clients. It may include failure to research adequately, failure to communicate legal options or risks, or lack of preparation for court appearances or negotiations. The severity of the consequences will depend on the extent of the harm caused to the client’s interests.

b) Failure To Meet Deadlines:

 Attorneys have a duty to meet court-imposed deadlines and properly manage their caseloads. Charges may be brought when an attorney repeatedly fails to file documents or meet critical deadlines, leading to harm or prejudice to the client’s case. The consequences can range from admonishment to suspension.

c) Incompetence In A Specific Area Of Law:

Attorneys are expected to possess the necessary knowledge and skills to handle cases within their chosen practice areas. Charges may arise when an attorney takes on a case without the required expertise or fails to adequately research or prepare for a specialized legal matter. The disciplinary process may involve additional education, mentoring, or, in severe cases, suspension.

d) Lack Of Communication With Clients:

Attorneys have an obligation to maintain effective communication with their clients. Charges can be brought when an attorney fails to respond to client inquiries, fails to keep clients informed about case progress, or neglects to communicate significant developments. Consequences may include admonishment, counseling, or continuing education requirements.


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Whether your case of negligence is a fact of incompetence or not, this charge is a very serious matter and can have serious penalties. If found guilty, an attorney can face fines and even suspension or disbarment based on the severity of the case. Call the McGavock Reed Law Firm today to get your free consultation. When a lawyer is in need of a lawyer, they call the McGavock Reed Law Firm.