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Considering Our Services

  • We’re excited about your interest in our law firm and we pride ourselves on providing professional, personalized legal advice from our northern Virginia base.
  • We prioritize direct, personal interaction with potential clients. To this end, we encourage initial inquiries to be made by phone.

Contact Information

  • You can reach our northern Virginia office at 703-206-6926 to start a consultation process.
  • This phone-first policy allows us to establish a direct relationship with you, ensuring more personalized and efficient service.

Initial Contact Policy

  • If you’ve not engaged our services before, we request that you avoid initiating your first contact in written form – this includes letters and emails.
  • This policy is in place for two key reasons:
    • Initial written contact does not establish an attorney-client privilege, a crucial factor in fostering trust, confidentiality, and a strong working relationship.
    • Our firm is not obligated to treat such initial written contact as confidential or to respond or act upon it.

Commitment to Service Integrity

  • We adhere to this approach to maintain service integrity and to initiate all potential legal relationships appropriately under Virginia law.
  • Once a direct conversation has occurred and a relationship has been established, future communications can occur through various channels, including written formats.

Communication Philosophy

  • We place utmost importance on clear, direct, and confidential communication from the start of our attorney-client relationship.
  • This policy ensures adherence to legal norms while offering the best possible service, maintaining transparency and safeguarding your interests.

We appreciate your understanding of our communication policies and eagerly anticipate the possibility of representing you. Remember, your journey towards professional, dependable legal representation begins with just a phone call. Reach out to us at 703-206-6926 to initiate your consultation today.