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Reporting Infringements:

  • If you believe any content on our website violates your Copyright, Trademark, or other intellectual property rights, we ask you to notify us.
  • Please send your notice of infringement to: The McGavock Reed Law Firm IP Agent, 277 South Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA.

Website Content Copyright

  • All content of this website, including the logo and icon, is © Copyright by The Reed Law Firm PLLC, Alexandria Virginia, USA.
  • Our copyrighted content originates from material first posted in 2022, which has been updated periodically thereafter.

Definition of Content

  • The term “content” used throughout our website encompasses visual display, layout and design, look and feel, as well as the underlying programming and metadata.

Content Licensing

  • Some of the content featured on our website is used under license.
  • We do not lay claim to Government publications linked to or accessed through our website.

Use of Copyrighted Content

  • No part of the copyrighted content on our website may be duplicated, republished, linked to, or embedded in other websites without the prior written permission of The McGavock Reed Law Firm.

This policy stands as our commitment to protecting intellectual property rights. We respectfully ask all visitors to our website to observe these guidelines, ensuring the safeguarding of original content and supporting fair, ethical practices in the realm of intellectual property.