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The McGavock Reed Law Firm: Your Unyielding Defense Against Ethical Charges – Protecting Your Career and Reputation with Strength and Expertise

Attorney McGavock Reed is one of Washington DC’s skilled legal counsel specializing in attorney ethics and discipline matters. With over 10 years of experience successfully handling ethics cases, Reed brings unparalleled expertise and dedication to each client. He is deeply committed to protecting your legal rights and navigating the complex landscape of legal ethics, always prioritizing your best interests.

Known for his confidence and expertise, Reed is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes in cases involving Bar Complaints, DC Bar Counsel inquiries, and Bar Violations. His affiliations with prestigious bar associations such as the Virginia Bar, DC Bar, AVVO, APRL “Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers,” Fairfax Bar Association, and the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce further attest to his credibility and excellence

Attorney Reed has given lectures on attorney ethics at his alma mater, Catholic University. He has also delivered presentations at numerous conferences sponsored by prestigious organizations such as the American Bar Association, the Virginia Mediation Network, and the Association of Conflict Resolutions. Trust in McGavock Reed’s extensive experience, professional affiliations, and personal dedication to guide you through any ethical challenges, safeguarding your career and reputation. Contact today to put Washington DC’s most trusted legal defense on your side.

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Attorney Ethics


Attorney McGavock Reed has worked on attorney ethics and discipline matters for over a decade. With comprehensive knowledge, he fulfills all your legal needs in ethics violation charges.

Legal Malpractice

A disciplinary inquiry by the DC bar can have negative repercussions on your career. Attorney McGavock Reed has over 10 years of experience defending lawyers charged with various forms ethical misconduct. McGavock Reed is one of Washington's premier ethics attorneys in the DC circuit. Contact The McGavock Reed Law Firm today!

Trust Account Manager

Charged with a trust account violation? Protect your legal career with DC's Lawyer's Lawyer. Attorney McGavock Reed helps you navigate the disciplinary system, arguing your actions were in line with ethical standards to mitigate the Bar complaints and charges against you. Don’t take any chances! Contact him now!

Duty of Candor

Failed to disclose a fact to the trial judge? A false statement or withholding a material fact can lead to a charge of professional misconduct. Attorney McGavock Reed has the winning experience and expertise needed to navigate these types of delicate legal matters. When you need dedication, a sound strategy and a keen sense of in depth understanding of the law, McGavock Reed is who you call.

Conflict with Client

Client conflicts can lead to bar complaints and other serious accusations. Don’t worry if you are under scrutiny! McGavock Reed will navigate you through the complexities of the disciplinary process, ensuring you're in the best position possible. The McGavock Reed Law Firm specialty is Attorney Ethics. Call the McGavock Reed Law Firm to get the Lawyer's Lawyer on your side.

Negligence or Incompetence

Failing to provide competent and diligent representation is a serious charge of, bringing a negative impact on your professional reputation. If you are accused and found guilty, you can face suspension, disbarment and censure. Attorney Reed stands with you and helps present your case in he light most favorable to you. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, he delivers passionate and skilled representation.

Awards & Associations

lauren steininger
lauren steininger
I want to thank Mac for his professionalism, expert advice, and guidance during my case. He is a highly skilled lawyer who showed genuine care and attention to detail to ensure I felt supported. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome, while protecting my rights and interest throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Mac to anyone in need of legal representation.
Sonya Rodriguez
Sonya Rodriguez
Mac is knowledgeable, intelligent, confident, and passionate about his clients cases. Truly a praiseworthy lawyer. My family has hired him for our cases and he has had amazing results! He also breaks everything down so you have full understanding of whats going on! In the future I will not hesitate to call him to represent me.
Ian Giles
Ian Giles
Mac helped me review a new employment agreement contract this year. Throughout the process he was very professional, responsive, and thorough. He helped me to understand some of the pitfalls and contract issues that could arise in future employment that I would not have noticed had I not used his services. I am very happy with the service that Mac provided, I look forward to working with him again in the future.
It was difficult for me to find the words to explain how much Mr. Reed has impacted my life. Sometimes, when you have to hire a lawyer, it can be during a time where you are incredibly vulnerable. Life transitions are not always for good reasons. It makes a difference to have a professional legally advocating for you in an empathetic manner. Mr. Reed was able to accomplish that and so much more. He took the time to ensure I was supported, well-informed, and educated about every decision I made. I hope to never be involved with the legal system again. However, if I do, then he will always be my first choice. Law & Order and Better Call Saul have nothing on this man! If you are seeking legal services and want to be treated like a human, then I would 10/10 recommend.
Mac did an amazing job helping my daughter with some very unpleasant landlords AND a divorce from her unfaithful husband. He was kind, knowledgeable and persistent in getting the job done. I am recommending him to everyone I know! To anyone reading this, you would be lucky to have him as your lawyer.
Jeremy Beal
Jeremy Beal
The McGavok Reef law firm is top of the line. I use them for all of my family needs as well as any legal advice. Highly highly recommend this firm if you need anything! Very friendly, professional, and courteous. Always looking out for the best interest of the client
Lauren Rownd
Lauren Rownd
Love working with The McGavock Reed Law Firm! Easy to work with, super responsive, helpful, and always has great ideas. Highly recommend!
Karl Herbert Grabbi
Karl Herbert Grabbi
I had the privilege of working with McGavock Reed, and I couldn't be more thrilled with his services. From start to finish, his professionalism was exceptional. Mr.Reed demonstrated a keen attention to detail that truly sets him apart. He left no stone unturned, ensuring that every aspect was thoroughly examined and considered. His unwavering dedication to getting the best outcome for his clients is truly commendable. He took the time to understand my concerns and kept me well-informed throughout the entire process. I can confidently say that McGavock is not only an outstanding legal professional but also a genuine and approachable individual. He truly goes above and beyond to deliver results while making the entire experience as positive as possible.
Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker
McGavock helped me with my business contract and purchase of the dance studio that I now own. He listened to what I wanted and represented my needs every step of the way. He gave me advice on how to move forward during the purchase/negotiations which was comforting to have someone knowledgeable in my corner. He was responsive and attentive and I felt very secure throughout the entire process!
Mary Ann Reed
Mary Ann Reed
Mr.Reed has a very strong background in attorney ethics issues from his time spent at the DC Bar Counsel as well as in private practice. Mr. Reed gave an outstanding presentation at the Association of Conflict Resolution Conference in Orlando, FL on attorney ethics issues in mediation and arbitration in which he covered important developments in the attorney rules of professional conduct, ethical pitfalls that commonly vex practitioners and best practices to keep clients happy and avoid complaints.

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