Spam Fax and E-mail Warning

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Efforts to Reduce Spam

  • We have an ongoing commitment to minimize the volume of spam we receive.
  • To help achieve this, our law firm does not disclose our fax numbers or email addresses for public use.
  • Re-publication of our contact information by others is strictly prohibited.

Legal Consequences of Unsolicited Messaging

  • Under the Federal Anti-Spam Act and Virginia law, unsolicited electronic messaging, including fax and email, could lead to legal consequences for the sender.
  • Violation of these laws may result in:
    • Civil fines: Monetary penalties may be levied against the sender.
    • Additional penalties: Other sanctions may be imposed depending on the severity of the violation.

Please bear in mind that the steps we’re taking to protect our communication channels are aimed at ensuring that our firm can continue to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services. Our strategies for reducing spam are designed to create an efficient communication environment that benefits our clients and our team alike.